How do I choose an appropriate toilet seat?

1) What shape does my toilet bowl have?

"round "egg" model"
"capital letter D model"
"specific Series model"


2) What is the center distance of the hinge holes?

Center distance hinge holes.
The size measured from the middle hinge hole to the middle hinge hole


3) How can you mount the toilet seat on the toilet bowl?

Bottom mounted.
The (wing) nuts of the hinges can be tightened by hand on the side or bottom of the toilet bowl.

Top mounted.
Hinges that must be mounted from above. There are no inlets on the side of the toilet to tighten the nuts of the seat.

Project mounted.
Extra strong hinges with continuous pin for more stability.

Horizontal mounted.
The hinge bolts are fixed in a raised edge at the back of the toilet (straight back).


4) Do the sizes (length and width) of the toilet seat correspond to each other?

At almost every toilet seat on our web shop is a dimensioned drawing on the detail page of the toilet seat. This dimensional drawing shows the application possibilities of the hinged seats.


5) Are you looking for a toilet seat with or without a lid?

Toilet seat with cover
Complete toilet seat; seat ring, lid and hinges.

Toilet seat without cover
Toilet seat only seat ring and hinges.


6) What type of toilet seat are you looking for?

If the seat ring and lid are closed, you will see 1 "layer" on the outside of the toilet seat. The lid hangs over the seat ring, as it were.

If the seat ring and lid are closed, you will see 2 "layers" on the outside of the toilet seat.


7) What functionality should the toilet seat have?

The seat lands gently and silently on the closet after a small "push".

The seat can be easily removed from the closet and replaced. For example, closet and seat can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

With toilet-shower.
The seat is equipped with a toilet-shower. The toilet seat cleans your lower body with a body-warm, tender, airy shower spray of the desired intensity.

Toilet raiser.
The seat is an increased model.
The toilet raiser simplifies sitting and standing up.

With armrests.
The seat is equipped with armrests, these offer extra support.



8) In which color do you want the toilet seat?

White White Polygiene:
Certified Polygiene® effect, which permanently prevents the growth of bacteria.
Pergamon Black Black Polyfiene:
Certified Polygiene® effect, which permanently prevents the growth of bacteria.
Red Manhattan Motif 3D motif Shiny motif
Relief motif Edelweiss Yellow Green Bahama beige
Antracite gray Beige Blue Bermuda Blue Sky
Flame Graphite Jasmine Kiwi Lilac
Navy blue Nude Orange Royal Blue Natural birch
Oaks Cherry (stained birch) Mahogany (stained birch) Stained walnut  


*) Our brands of toilet seats

Carrara & Matta Clou Diaqua Etac Geberit
Handicare Keramag Pressalit San4U SFA
Sphinx Villeroy & Boch