Delivery within the EU

We have been switched to multiple languages for our webshop. We have translated our pages with Google translate. It may be that the translation is not 100%, but you will definitely understand what we mean.

Within the EU: intra-Community transactions

VAT-based companies outside the Netherlands and within the EU are not subject to VAT. This is the so-called ICL delivery. For VAT purposes within the EU, it is necessary to enter a valid VAT number when completing your customer information. Pay attention! Is your company not liable for VAT and / or does not you have a VAT number? In no way can it be delivered without VAT, so always the current Dutch VAT rate will be settled. 
Are we experiencing errors in your order about the VAT number or did you not enter a valid VAT number? then your order will only be delivered once the correct VAT number is known.

We verify all VAT numbers!

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