Measuring is knowing

1. required:

  • folding rule / ruler and preferably also a caliper
  • your glass wall
  • common sense

2. to do:

  • measure the glass thickness (usually 6mm, can also be 5, 8 or 10mm)
  • measure the length of the glass (available in 100cm or 200cm)
  • determine whether the strip is horizontal or vertical
  • view the shape of the glass (straight, quarter round or angled) see drawings below **

3. ready!:

  • Click here and apply the product filters.




 angled (3- or 4- part pentagon), but yet straight profiles: 

For the above 2 cabins you can choose right in the filter menu!


quarter round:



angled (2-part pentagon):


This cabin consists of 2 complete doors, whose glass is angled (kinked). For this wall we have all vertical shower rubbers and one horizontal leak profile.