Determine radius of the shower tray

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With several quarter-round pre-bent shower strips or strip sets, several rounds are available.

These curves are represented as Radius.
The curve of the shower tray is displayed; the curve of the strip has been adjusted accordingly.

Through the images below you can see how you can measure the roundness of the shower tray.
(It makes no sense to measure on the shower wall)


  • Measure the size of the shower tray on the wall. (for example 900mm)
  • Measure the straight part of the shower tray to where the curve starts. (for example 400mm)
  • Apply this measure to the first measured size. (900-400 = 500)

The result is the radius. (500mm)



The wall size is often difficult to measure, because the shower wall is mounted on the shower tray.
This stands in the way, as it were.
The size can also vary slightly due to the thickness of the tile that has been placed above the shower tray.

Common sizes:
800mm - 300mm = radius 500
900mm - 400mm = radius 500
1000mm - 500mm = radius 500
800mm - 250mm = radius 550
900mm - 350mm = radius 550
1000mm - 450mm = radius 550


Place 2 straight (!) Slats or profiles along the shower tray.
Measure from the intersection of the 2 slats at an angle of 45 degrees to the shower tray.
Multiply this measure by a factor of 2.414.
The result is the radius in mm (for example 228 x 2.414 = 550.39, rounded 550 mm)